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In Petersburg still it is possible to celebrate new year under a fur-tree

Here and do not believe after that in miracles: in March on the Komsomol area it was found out … a New Year`s fur-tree. Probably, it is any kid has wished: let the feast does not come to an end! And kind Father Frost has executed dream.  

there Is a three-metre evergreen beauty already without toys and small lamps - they were removed. And here about the tree have forgotten.

Moreover, till now it is not clear, who posesses a tree. Have refused an ownerless fur-tree in the Center of festivals and feasts. A pier, those wood beauties whom they supervised, are cleaned for a long time. Have advised to be converted into the Center of placing of advertising. There the fact of presence of a fur-tree recognised, but with a reservation.

- It is known - it is known, saw we this tree, but it not ours, - have explained «» in the centre. - we the seventy pieces this year dismantled by February, 5th.

In administration of the Kirov area to a question on a fur-tree were not surprised.

All know that it costs. But cannot answer a question when it will clean. In the tender for an area ornament have won at once some organisations. To decorate - that area have decorated, and here to clean behind itself of forces does not suffice.  

- The matter is that now the company which established a fur-tree, Kontrolno - Audit Chamber checks, - have explained «» in administration. - in what there business, we can not tell. But yet will not check up - a fur-tree will not clean.

Most likely to stand to a tree not perestojat. And though it artificial, that also look roots will start up. Perhaps and till next New year dostoit.



the New Year`s tree on the Komsomol area dostojalo already till Women`s day. Ornaments have removed, and here a fur-tree to dismantle have forgotten. In this connection a question:

That already it is time to clean?

Evgenie of CARPS, the chief of department of the state veterinary service of Petersburg:

- I would clean from streets of photographers with different animals: bear cubs, obezjankami, a pony. This present mockery at animals! Them badly feed and contain.   them do not treat, when they are ill. And they can infect children who with them are photographed.

Natalia EVDOKIMOVA, the assistant to the chairman of the council of Federation of the Russian Federation:

- I would clean from a city korruptsionerov. Then also Petersburg half would become empty. There would be no stoppers. And would be expensive the good.

Mark a RUBY, the merited trainer of Russia on football:

- the Persuasive advertising which literally has captivated the basic highways of a city. Besides its efficiency is very small, as quality of the advertised goods leaves much to be desired.

Michael ILKOVICH, the main lung specialist of St.-Petersburg, d. M. n., the professor:

- I would clean from streets of smoking people.   after all they ruin not only own health, but also destroy an organism of associates. Passive smoking is not less harmful. Besides, they everywhere scatter stubs.

Michael LITVJAKOV, the film director - the documentation officer:

- I nevertheless would not go too far and have a little reduced quantity metallodetektorov at stations. Them have put where it is necessary and where it is not necessary. Besides it became extremely inconvenient from - for frameworks to move to invalids.

Lyudmila VAVILOV, the adviser of the general director of the House of cinema for creative questions:

- it seems To me, in Petersburg and so already have cleaned, for example houses too much. It would be desirable, that at all of us - taki saved style inherent in Northern capital.

Sergey ILCHENKO, the manager of stand of radio and St.Petersburg State University television:

- With pleasure would clean pair - another officials. Perhaps, such cardinal measure will force others more and it is better to work for the city blessing.

Leonid BRAIN, the actor of theatre and cinema:

- It would be desirable, that service, involved in snow cleaning, stirred up the activity and have fast cleaned snowdrifts. And that after all one never knows we will float.

Igor ZHURAVLYOV, the head theatre « the Gun »:

- it is necessary to Get rid of rudeness. The present Petersburgers of it do not allow themselves.

Oleg, the reader of a site «»:

- It is necessary to clear urgently from naledi wells. Snow will start to thaw, there will be huge pools, it is necessary to buy rubber boots.