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The prior of the Lazarevsky temple of Vologda: Those who fast, live longer

Seven weeks there will be the most strict quadragesima. It has begun on the eve of a female feast, 7 - go March, and will end with Easter 24 - go April.

In the first days of fast « has spent among readers poll under the name « a leah you Will fast? ». It has appeared that the majority interrogated - 76 % - fast does not observe, 15 % are glad to fast, yes health does not allow, 4 % this year have decided to fast for the first time and only 5 % from all participants of poll regularly observe fasts.

- Fast makes sense only when in it participates not only a body, but also soul, both that, and another needs strengthening, - Alexey Sorokin, the prior of the Lazarevsky temple and the rector of the Vologda spiritual school has noted. - the body abstains from food of an animal origin, and a shower - from unnecessary entertainments. The fast purpose - to realise the weaknesses, sins and to confess in them. It is possible to advise to switch off simply the TV and to refuse for this time serials.

That who wants to fast, but health does not allow, it is possible to enter partial restriction.

- In that case talk to the priest. It is difficult to some to refuse even a chocolate, not to mention smoking or alcohol intake, - father Alexey has added. - Besides, at times people do not realise the possibilities, possibilities of the organism. By the way, on the statistican those who fast longer live. And friars to that an example.

- During fast I have stopped to drink, - admitted to the correspondent «» Vologda di - dzhej Sergey Volohov. - I never fasted earlier, but this time have decided to check up myself. All fast to observe hard, therefore to begin with I have completely refused alcohol.

By the way

During quadragesima in temples of Vologda and Russia the special ordinance soborovanija as a whole is made. Its essence - in healing ill and reception of a pardon for sins.