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First aid of Leningrad region have connected to GLONASS

to Introduce system GLONASS in public health services sphere in Leningrad region have begun even in the spring of 2010. The domestic system of satellite supervision first the equipment the station of the first help of Vyborg has received. After this GLONASS - obrudovaniem stations of the first help of Volosovsky, Volkhov, Tikhvin, Vyborg, Lomonosovsky, Kirov, Luga, Slantsevsky areas have been equipped. And one of these days the modern navigating equipment have established   and in 18 cars of the first help of Gatchina central regional clinical hospital. Now there is a debugging of system and gradual connection of other areas of area.    

- Introduction of satellite means of monitoring of transport in public health services sphere where the bill goes for minutes, especially when the call is emergency – Essential nreobhodimost, - have informed in department of public health services of Leningrad region. - now all vehicles of stations of the first help, connected to system GLONASS,   will be under control of the dispatcher which can choose the nearest free car for readdressing of a call and lay a convenient route of movement that as a whole will allow to reduce speed of reaction of brigades to the received calls as much as possible.

By the way, the result of work of system can be estimated. So run of cars « 03 » equipped with the navigating equipment, in comparison with the same period of previous year it was reduced to 81,5 thousand in km, and fuel consumption - on 25,3 thousand litres. The waiting time of brigades has decreased on the average for 12 %.