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After the first period of the third match of a series « Salavat Yulaev » - « Ak the Leopard » on a board zero

Excellent having played on departure, in Kazan, Salavat Yulaev has returned to Ufa already as the favourite of a series. And the first period has spent so - as the owner of a platform and the favourite of opposition.

Over and over again forced julaevtsy to clutch at the head the fans, again and again urged to enter game of Petri Vehanena.

the Statistics of the first period speaks about full advantage Salavat Yulaev : 16:6 on throws in an alignment, and that is pleasant, preimushchesvto even in such component, as vbrasyvanija. And with it at ufimtsev in last matches there were big problems.

the Moments are, it is a lot of moments, in one episode of Petri Vehanenu it was possible to reflect for 20 seconds at once three throws of all first link Salavat - Grigorenko, Toresen and Radulov have been urged nesolono hlebavshi to go for change.

the Moments are, it is necessary to realise only at least one of them. We wait the second period!