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Corruption in Murmansk area grows

- All indicators bear that in Murmansk area corruption grows, - the Minister of Justice of Murmansk area Vasily Plevako ascertained.

the judicial statistics bears To the same also. In 2010 courts of Murmansk area consider 66 criminal cases of a corruption orientation concerning 66 persons, in 2009 - 44 criminal cases concerning 49 persons. Last year it is denounced: two employees of traffic police, the court enforcement officer - the executor, four heads of municipal unions, 14 officials, including directors FGUP, FGU, Recreation centres, Children`s home, the commercial enterprise, the doctor... In general, corruption already penetrates all spheres of a society. How with it to struggle? About it there was a speech on the round table devoted to problems of corruption which has taken place in a press - the centre Murmansk « style = margin - bottom: 0cm; > At federal level there is a gradual toughening of the legislation in the relation mzdoimtsev. For example, recently at the initiative of the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev dependence of penalties on the size of a bribe is entered. The dishonest citizen should lay out a hundred times bolshy the penalty. At regional level the big work as the Ministry of Justice of Murmansk area on corruption examination of acts is conducted. One more way of reduction of corruption - introduction of the electronic government and automatic means of dialogue of the citizen with state structures by means of infomatov, the Internet or special information centres.

Is will allow to legalise papers, without being converted into state structures, thereby to exclude dialogue with the expert, - the first deputy of the head of governmental body of Murmansk area Alexey Palamarchuk speaks.

According to a deputy head of investigatory management of investigatory committee of the Russian Federation on Vyacheslav Monastyrsky`s Murmansk area, wishing to receive a bribe begins ever less, now more criminal cases it is raised in the relation of those who gives a bribe.

is more detailed about the decision of problems of corruption read in the nearest numbers «» and on a site.