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Behind a staff of one of candidates there is a shadowing?

today in a staff of one of candidates along the street surgeon Orlova, 2 - police officers would come and have demanded, that one of assistants to the candidate Valery Hvostov has driven with them for evidence.

- On what business it was necessary to give evidences, to me have not explained, - Valery Hvostov has told. - policemen was two — one colonel of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, the second chief of city branch MOB. I have refused to go, as they did not have a summons. Then one of them has gone behind it. Also promised to return in 20 minutes.

it is possible, Hvostova wanted to detain, because it ostensibly had the photos bearing to infringement on one of polling districts. When journalists « - Vladimir » have arrived to a staff of the candidate, there there was one of police officers. Having seen the camera, it there and then left office and has left in an unknown direction. Anybody is more at office of the candidate before our departure has not appeared.

- Shadowing us lasts three days, - has told Vita, one of assistants of the candidate. - near the house there is an UAZ in which constantly sit some persons and photograph us. But in the election day they have proved more actively. By the way, we have punched the UAZ under numbers. It has appeared that numbers belong on a broader scale to other car.

We continue to watch a course of elections.