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In Moldova excises on alcohol and cigarettes will grow on 50 %

this year, as well as in 2010 - m, two rates of taxes to incomes of physical persons &ndash are saved; 7 percent and 18 percent depending on volume of incomes. Besides, the same level of personal clearing and clearing for dependents is saved. In 2011 the zero rate of the taxation reinvestiruemoj profits of economic agents will be saved. Such positions are included in the bill on a tax policy for 2011 confirmed by the government at session on Saturday, on March, 12th.

Speaking about innovations in a tax policy for 2011, Minister of Finance Vyacheslav Negrutse has noted 50 - percentage increase of excises on strong spirits and cigarettes with the filter and without therefore it is planned to involve additional financial assets in the budget and to reduce the use by the population of these harmful health of the goods.

the mechanism of an establishment of the size of local gathering by cancellation of their restriction Besides, changes, with granting of each local public administration of the right to establish their size.

Introduction of a following stage of the taxation of real estate according to its market cost – it is a question of agricultural sites – it is postponed, as it was not possible to spend a mass estimation for the purpose of the taxation of these objects.

It is planned to introduce indirect methods and means of an estimation of the tax obligation at payment of surtax for all economic agents, and also norms who will allow to introduce these methods in relation to physical persons and the persons who are engaged in professional work. This position has called disputes at session of the government, but the Minister of Finance asserts that it does not concern a tax policy for 2011. This year the legal base will be developed, and introduction of an indirect estimation will occur next year.

Besides, during discussions it has been decided that gradual introduction till 2013 of giving of tax reports is carried out in the automated way since January, 1st, 2012, instead of since September, 1st, 2011 as it was provided in the bill.

the Document contains norms which will create levers for maintenance of repayment of the tax obligation of tax bearers by means of the procedures of execution which are carried out by judicial executors. These norms will allow to tax department to carry out direct control over execution procedure by judicial executors in a situation when the state represents itself as the creditor. It is provided taking into account that activity of judicial executors – private, and disciplinary and control measures in this situation are obligatory.

During discussions some opinions different from the point of view of the Minister of Finance, including on elimination of restriction of local taxes, in particular the gathering paid by motorists that can lead to rise in prices for rendered services, concerning the gathering raised at customs, and also some procedures of tax administration have been voiced. Despite it the project has been confirmed by the government, and the parliament will be ultimate authority which should eliminate corresponding contradictions.