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After two periods in a match « Salavat Yulaev » - « Ak the Leopard » a drawn game 1:1

Having shown the intentions in the first period, Salavat in the second piece of a duel has continued to play the same rate. JUlaevtsy long stayed in a zone of citizens of Kazan, trying to finish to a throw almost each attack. Petri Vehanen has completely plunged into work, efforts and cares partners on command added to it, over and over again leaving from a platform.

Three times ufimtsy had possibility to use numerical advantage, but in a goal have hammered in equal structures. Svitov has passed on Proshkina which have hidden on a dark blue line. The strong throw, and Vehanen closed and, and strangers, has not reacted.

Citizens of Kazan, hoped as before for rare counter attacks and on the majority. And visitors used the unique chance - only - Oleg Saprykin as Janne Pesonen has punched Eric Ersberga only has entered game. Officially commands were in full structures, but in essence is a next goal Ak the Leopard in the majority.

Salavat Yulaev again perebrosal visitors, julaevtsy looked better on many components, but all efforts ufimtsev have been brought to nothing Petri Vehanenom, already had time to reflect 27 throws on the collars.

Ahead the most interesting, ahead an outcome of this surprising and fascinating action!