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Court yard in the centre of Petersburg can deluge

According to the experts, snow stocks in Petersburg for today three times above norm and in one and a half time exceed a last year`s indicator. In some weeks all it will start to thaw strenuously. For inhabitants of houses with court yard - wells spring heat can become a real crash. All the winter long some court yard were used as spontaneous platforms for snow weight. Snowdrifts in them reached in height of several metres.

- Court yard - wells can turn to the present wells in the spring, - the senior lecturer of the Russian state hydrometeorological university Gennady Ugreninov has declared during the video bridge Moscow – Petersburg. - if to translate all stock of snow in water, 0,5 cubic kilometres of water will turn out. If all it has thawed and not has left in hatches, we would go in water, its height would make 35 see
to Avoid flooding it will be possible only in the event that public utilities will clean in time snow and will clear sewer drains for the admission of waters.

- the Situation with snow thawing in Petersburg this year is expected the extremely intense, more hard, than in the past, - Gennady Ugreninov has added. – And if snow quickly thaws, for Northern capital it becomes the present affliction.