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Owners of dogs are more healthy and more active than the people who do not have pets

the new way of strengthening of health and achievement of the minimum physical activity necessary for normal life Is opened. Results of research of scientists from university of Michigan show that the owners of dogs regularly walking the four-footed pupils, on 34 % it is more healthy than those who has no pets with whom it is necessary to walk, or with those dog lovers who regularly does not deduce the dogs on walks.

Regular vygul dogs forces their owners to spend standing on the average on an hour more in a week of the colleagues walking dogs off and on. A difference with at whom dogs are not present, even more.

« Certainly, that owners of dogs walk more, anything especially surprising is not present, - writes in « Magazine of physical activity and health » Mettju Rivz, one of authors of research, - but we have found out that the people walking dogs, receive more high level both moderated, and the raised physical activity ».

It is a question that at the dog lovers regularly walking with the dogs, physical activity as a whole raises. To such conclusion the American scientists have come, having analysed quantity of time which leaves on playing sports, walks, work in a kitchen garden, dances and other kinds of physical activity.

Physicians recommend spend for these purposes of not less than 2,5 hours per week. Regular walks with dogs can be one of ways of achievement of this purpose also. Except purely physical party, the dog improves also quality of life.

According to the statistical data, in America regularly walk dogs only about two thirds of their owners. So at the others the big reserves in achievement of minimum time for physical activity.