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Americans have directed to Japan the humanitarian help

Americans have started humanitarian operation in Japan. The aircraft carrier of Naval Forces of the USA has approached today to island Honshu from Pacific ocean. In the meantime in Japan shortages of meal and water are not present, however shops give out products on one goods in hands. Details at ours the colleague from RIA news agency « News » Xenias Naka.

Americans have started humanitarian operation in Japan

-   attracts attention that the population very much distsiplinirovanno obeys those instructions which arrive from the government, from local administrations, fire, forces of self-defence. They drove by a small little shop in which earthquake has beaten out all windows and glass doors. In shop it is visible that there is a cash dispense, it is clear that there there is money. Products on counters, that have not fallen to a floor, or they lie on a floor. There there is no person. There is not present not only marauders, there are not present even protection which would protect this shop.

That occurs to allocation of meal and water for local residents. Supermarkets have closed inputs, have left on an input half of door opened. In a supermarket of people do not start up. All products of the first necessity, especially water because waters do not suffice, stand out, on sale by the piece to each approaching. From - for it too there is a turn. It has been made that people, having rushed into a supermarket, did not begin to suffice all successively. Then to someone would suffice, and to someone has not sufficed. Here there is a system of planned supply. Supermarkets deliver in the mayoralties and municipalities water, products, napkins, toilet papers, that is all the most necessary.

the Russian rescuers will take off For a near time to Japan.