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Smolensk employees OVD have detained car thieves for 40 minutes

on February, 26th in call centre OVD on Safonovsky area in 5. 30 the call from the local resident has arrived. Its relative who has recently arrived on a visit under a house window has not had time to leave the car, a Zhiguli of the ninth model as it have stolen. In total for 30 minutes the owner has left from the transport, and there were malefactors to whom the car has seemed « an easy mark ». But not here - that was – at first they had to tinker, as the car long was not got. Having rolled away the car for a house corner, they   have continued to potter with the nine already out of sight of people.

Thanks to an operative call to militia, in few minutes in a house court yard where was stealing is made, the office dress already worked. And in 40 minutes after the message in militia the stolen car has been found nearby to local administration and suspects are detained. Concerning idle townsmen of Safonova of 20 and 22 years, criminal case on ch is brought. 2 items 166 of the criminal code of Russian Federation « Wrongful zavladenie the car or other vehicle without the plunder purpose ».