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In Belgorod pseudo-terrorists have mined one more apartment house

On Sunday, on March, 13th, during the lunchtime on phone of the person on duty of the Department of Internal Affairs the next call about the put bomb has arrived. The joker has declared that the house number ten in the street the Queen is mined. We will remind, last night special services had to evacuate the next house in the street Shalandina. As well as last time, devjatietazhku cynologists with a dog surveyed. The next message on the put explosive has not proved to be true. This call became the fifth false for a week. From - for it to tenants some hours were necessary to wander along the street. It is good still that day has stood out the solar. The day off for many has appeared is hopelessly spoilt.    

- I was at home. The child slept. Suddenly at a door the police officer has called and has told that us have mined. I of the child on hands - and on street. Here also we go now round the house, - Tatyana, mum of two-year Nikitki has told.

pensioners are especially revolted by an event. Wise people understand: while « pozharki » and « fast » rush on a false call, to someone their help can on - to be necessary for the present.

- I left for a minute in shop, and back in the house me any more have not started up. These jokers – the presents bezobrazniki! Here all so consider! A head to tear off to the one who has called! Bad it is jokes! –   Larissa Petrovna was indignant.

And which - who from belgorodtsev has got used to similar messages and does not conceive them seriously.

- We already as - that is passive to it we concern. After all same not the first time. One of these days a hypermarket through road have mined, and yesterday the next house. If it was for the first time, for certain the panic would rise. Though, probably, all - taki I was frightened, time have gone out of doors, - considers 18 - summer Nastja Kovalenko.

Only after the house was surveyed by cynologists with dogs, tenants have returned to the apartments.
a photo: Evgenie GREBENIK

According to employees UFSB someone scoffs at special services last days from the local.

- The more we inform that have punished someone, the more than such calls arrives. It was much told about untrue reports which arrived on electronic mail in high schools of various cities. Probably, on this wave and at us someone has decided to be indulged. Actually our employees conduct preventive work and among schoolboys. But the word said aloud « it is impossible » quite often makes a boomerang effect, - consider in UFSB Russia across the Belgorod region.

Such « jokes » actually for many come to an end tragically. If the child called, it will cost a pretty penny to parents. And the adult can sit down for three years for a lattice. So, more recently for the untrue report on the mined apartment house 25 - summer belgorodtsa have sentenced to a year of prison.