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In six areas of the Oryol region the quantity of the voted has passed for pjatidesjatiprotsentnuju a mark

we Will remind that on March, 13th   in Russia - uniform day of voting. Since eight mornings orlovtsy   have started to gather on polling districts to vote for the pleasant candidates. In 24 areas of the Oryol region choose heads and representatives of local governments. And in the Eagle vote for deputies of the City Council. Only in the regional centre of openly 135 polling districts.

Despite cloudy and crude weather, orlovtsy are not lazy to vote. Already by noon on several sites the quantity of the voted has come nearer to sorokaprotsentnoj to a mark.   as assure of region election committee, the appearance of voters is better, than not similar elections in 2006 - m.

  - As of three o`clock in the afternoon in six areas of the Oryol region the quantity voted has passed   for a mark in 50 %, - have told « In Election committee of the Oryol region. - is the most active in voting inhabitants Dolzhansky, Znamensky, Kolpnjansky, Maloarhangelsky, Pokrovsk and Trosnjansky areas participate.

And here city dwellers on polling districts go with smaller enthusiasm.

  - As of three o`clock in the afternoon most of all voted -   30 % - in the Soviet area of the Eagle. This figure though and is less, than in area areas, for the Eagle very much is not bad,   - Tatyana Andrianov, the chairman of municipal election committee shares preliminary results .   – However, there are districts where the appearance hardly comes nearer in a mark in 20 %.

in election committees remind that those orlovtsy that have not voted till now, can make it on the polling districts to 20. 00.