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« Salavat Yulaev » in the third consecutive time has beaten « Ak the Leopard »

Salavat Yulaev has again beaten Ak the Leopard . JUlaevtsy have added to two victories in Kazan one more, and now for an exit in the ending of East Conference ufimtsam it is necessary to take only one step.

the Third game of a series Salavat the beginnings is more active than citizens of Kazan, julaevtsy have spent in a zone of visitors all period, trying to lead up to a throw each attack. As a result: 16:6 on throws in an alignment, and that on a board upon termination of the period zero - a merit of Petri Vehanena appeared.

the Second period julaevtsy have spent the same way, constantly disturbing the goalkeeper Ak the Leopard . Vitaly Proshkina`s washer became a crown of diligence of owners of ice.

Citizens of Kazan soon after that have got numerical advantage and while Oleg Saprykin has already appeared on ice, Janne Pesonen has amazed Eric Ersberga`s gate.

1:1 - the second period and has come to the end.

In the final period citizens of Kazan have levelled game, and had some quite good chances to come forward. However Eric Ersberg excited with exploits of Petri Vehanena, made a stand.

Twenty minutes of the third period to reveal the strongest, have not sufficed commands. And in an overtime owners were more successful. JUlaevtsy at first have confidently won back minute in minority, and in two minutes have received excellent chance. Andrey Taratuhina has thrown in break of Saprykina, and Oleg, without approaching, has powerfully thrown on collars. Petri Vehanen has not mastered this throw, and has been urged to capitulate!

2:1 - there is the third in succession victory! And on Tuesday Salavat Yulaev Can issue an exit in the ending Vostnochnoj of Conference.