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The driver of one of the vladimirskiy candidates have taken away in police

- It have stopped on the way to office, - has told Vita, the assistant of the candidate. - have told that according to law article 13 « About police » it should drive with them. On what point and in what has particularly put to explain did not become. But we now cannot phone to the driver.

By the way, law article 13 « About police » is called « the police Rights ». In it four points, and in the first point 37 of subparagraphs.

And trace on a site   ER. RU there was a comment of the deputy of the State Duma of Michael Babich on « to Yakobson`s business »:

« the Candidate from « Fair Russia » Yakobson has organised trehetapnuju a combination. The first stage was this night: with 3 till 7 mornings, the people employed by it, rang round voters and asked to vote for « an United Russia ». It was zadokumentirovano police officers. In the morning the same candidate by means of the involved technologists has organised work on substitution of pens on polling districts, on handles with disappearing ink. This fact also was zadokumentirovan.

And it is literally some minutes ago by transfer of money for attempt of carrying out of bulletins from polling districts and photographing of bulletins with a mark about voting for Yakobson and party « Fair Russia » participants of this group have been detained. Now there is a registration of corresponding materials for transfer to their investigatory committee for criminal case excitation ».

that a staff   the candidate is under supervision of field investigators, in a staff knew for a long time. Could   a leah they, zanja about it to spend risky trehetapnye combinations?