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Adolf Hitler was not the hero of the First World War

Adolf Hitler ministered coherent on the Western front during the First World War and even has received the Iron cross for the bravery shown at performance of orders of commanders. In the autobiography « Main kampf » he asserted that « came face to face with death » and every day risked life.

However German historian Thomas Veber confirms in the book « Hitler`s First war » the return. He has found out in archives of that proof that the future Fuhrer almost all time was at a staff, in several kilometres from a front line, and extremely seldom got under bombardments.

Stories about Adolf Hitler`s bravery, are considered by Weber, natsional - socialists have started to think out since 1925 simultaneously with the beginning of creation of a cult of personality round the leader natsional - socialist party.

To a conclusion about artificiality of military exploits of the future leader of the Third Reich Weber has come after studying of archive 16 reserve Bavarian regiment or the Sheet shelf (by name the commander) in which with 1914 for 18 years Hitler, and also letters of its colleagues ministered.
the Sheet regiment, nazi propagation confirmed, consisted basically of students - volunteers who later have formed a nazi party kernel. Weber has denied also this theory: the overwhelming majority of soldiers were Jews.

the First time the Sheet regiment together with Hitler participated in fight in October, 1914 under the Belgian village Geluvelt. Adolf Hitler asserted that fight was such bloody that, except it, nobody has escaped. However according to archival documents of loss of Germans have made in that fight only 13 persons.

Further Hitler`s imaginary exploits colourfully undersigned its former colleagues naming it in the opuses « the most valiant soldier in each fight ».