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The soloist of group Roxette the Mary has brought to Minsk the family

For Roxette Minsk - the sixth city in the list of world tour, for us a concert of the well-known Swedish duet - the first. The soloist of collective Mari Fredriksson has arrived to Belarus together with a family: husband Mike Boioshem and the younger child - son Oscar Mikaelem. So in evening of a concert the well-known Swede from - for side scenes was supported by the most close people.

According to organizers, the Swedish stars in the wishes were unpretentious: special conditions did not demand, and meal have chosen from the menu offered by restaurant. However, meal have asked to deliver in Minsk - Arena where has passed a concert not to come off rehearsal. Have reserved the baked pork and beef.

- We have brought here old and new songs, we will look that will turn out, - the singer, the guitarist and the author of songs of Per Gessle declared from a scene in the beginning of a concert.

And from the first song of halls it is live has reacted: People scanned the name of group and swung posters and posters Roxette. According to organizers, Swedes have been strongly impressed, yes so that left encore some times.

- the Concert without any mega - show, - shares emotions Ljavon Volsky, the leader of groups N. R. M. And « Krambambulja ». - but people rejoiced, after all for many these hits - youth songs …

Songs of the native earth and youth it and for the Swedish ambassador Stefana of the Ericsson who and has come on a concert and has invited to it Volsky and Zmitsera Vojtjushkevicha.

we will remind that last world tour Roxette has taken place in 1994 - 1995 with an album Crash! Boom! Bang! and the European tour has passed in 2001. So this tour to admirers was necessary to wait long.

it has affected that in 2002 world has flown about news about illness of the soloist of the well-known Swedish duet: In Mari Fredriksson have found out a brain tumour so collective work has been suspended. But three years of expensive treatment and personal courage of the woman have presented to admirers of group new songs and even albums where characteristic style Roxette has not changed at all.

the group has stayed In Minsk only one day, and in the evening at once after performance in Minsk - Arena Swedes have departed to Vilnius, where on March, 14th at them already following concert.


Roxette ( rokse ́ t ) - Swedish the priest - fate - the group which leaders are: Pe ́ r Ge ́ ssle (the author of texts of songs and music, a guitar, a vocal, a harmonica) and the Mary ́ Fre ́ driksson (a vocal, a grand piano). They sing the songs in English. Next year to group Roxette 25 years will be executed. In this time in the world it has been sold 60 million copies of albums. World tour of 2011 is dated for release of album Charm School. The group is going to give 50 concerts on five continents.


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