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In the Tver region 24 cars were derailed. Generalisation

In the Tver region 24 cars W black oil were derailed, in regional administration declare that pollution does not threaten water fences of nearby areas.

On Wednesday evening in 18 kilometres from Rzhev were derailed 24 of 60 gruzhennyh black oil of tanks. State of emergency has occurred on a stage of the Teeth - Aristovo of the Moscow branch of the October railway. It is a single-track way, it is not equipped by an electrocontact network.

According to administration of the Tver region, failure has occurred from - for infringements stsepki cars.

" Under the preliminary version, from - for a negligence has occurred ottseplenie tanks from the locomotive. Tanks began to be filled up every which way, from five of them prozoshla black oil leak " - has told " News " a press - the secretary of the governor of the region Igor Gmyza.

As he said, state of emergency does not threaten with pollution of the river Vazuzy which proceeds in 150 metres from a scene and runs into Volga.

" water Pollution in Vazuze insignificant, on a place works heavy machinery, is made obvalovka " - Gmyza has told.

He has informed that to the river has got " the black oil minimum quantity ". " It will be collected and will not get anywhere. Pollution does not threaten water fences of nearby areas " - Gmyza has told.

" the Administration of the region keeps control of a situation and takes all necessary measures. On the instructions of governor Dmitry Zelenin heads of all responsible services of profit on a scene. They hourly report on the governor on a situation " - the press - the secretary has told.

According to Gmyzy, fire-engines on a case of unforeseen circumstances are into place directed, and the authorities of the next areas are advised and ready to assist technics and people in case of need.

Failure on the railway in the Tver region, according to preliminary data, has technical character, have informed " News " by TEL in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tver region. The version of act of terrorism is not considered, have told in the Department of Internal Affairs.

According to the Department of Internal Affairs, 15 tanks have turned over, from them there is a black oil leak. Other nine derailed tanks lie on one side, threat of a leaking of black oil from them is not present.

by data a press - Open Society services " the Russian Railway " the descent of a cargo train number 2909 has occurred in 19. 08. Open Society " the Russian Railway " has directed 2 a place of accident of experts to which should specify the incident reasons.

As have informed " News " In the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the operative group of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has into place left.