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Korjakija recognises as lawful a question on association W Kamchatka

Deputies of Koryak autonomous region recognised to legally lawful and corresponding requirements of the legislation a question taken out on a referendum on association of the Kamchatka area and Koryak district, have informed " News " in an autonomy thought.

After check in by district electoral committee of initiative group, it will start petition in support of referendum carrying out on merge of subjects of federation.

It is supposed that the Kamchatka area and Koryak autonomous region will unite in new the subject of the Russian Federation - the Kamchatka area (W Koryak autonomous region in its structure as administratively - territolnoj unit W the special status, in particular, territory of traditional residing of the radical small people of the north).

Earlier a question which is taken out on a referendum, deputies of the Kamchatka area recognised to corresponding federal and regional legislation.

Voting is planned to spend on October, 23rd.

To the country leaders the reference W the request has been directed to support the initiative of association of subjects of Federation. Under the reference have put signatures governors Michael Mashkovtsev and Oleg Kozhemjako and heads of Legislative Assemblies Nikolay Tokmantsev and Nina Solodjakova.

the substantiation is applied On the reference socially - economic feasibility of association of subjects. Composers of a substantiation believe that as a result of association the region can achieve doubling in comparison with 2002 of a national produce by 2010. As it is marked in the document, uniform socially - economic policy, transport system, systems of social security, and public health services improvement of living conditions of the population of both territories will allow to achieve education.

Initiators of association of Koryak autonomous region and the Kamchatka area consider that merge of two subjects will entail acceleration of rates of economic growth and social development.