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the Spaceship " M Progress - 52 " the spaceship " is deluged in Pacific ocean

by Gruzhennyj garbage; M Progress - 51 " it is successfully shown from an orbit, and in 4. 02 Moscow time has stopped the existence in Pacific ocean, has informed " News " representative TSUP.

In 3. 16 Moscow time by means of its own engines last and unique brake impulse has been given the truck which has developed the resource.

Fragments " Progress " the atmospheres which have not burnt down in dense beds, privodnilis on " a cemetery of spaceships " being on 40 - j parallels in Pacific ocean, nearby to Christmas island. In this area in February, 2000 after 15 years of service the legendary Russian station " has finished the existence; the World ".

the Next truck " Progress - 53 " it is planned to start on June, 17th from Baikonur, and pristykovat 2 MKS early in the morning on June, 19th. W its arrival " pantries " stations, besides products, will replenish with means of fire-prevention protection, and also the medical equipment, fresh linen and means of personal hygiene of cosmonauts.

Besides, the ship delivers to station a stock of fuel 4 orientation engines, drinking both technical water and the scientific equipment.