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the black oil which has Spread in the Tver region has not got in Vazuzu

Spread of tanks on the railway in the Tver region black oil has not got to the river Vazuza which runs into Volga, has informed " News " the head of department of a fire service and protection of the population of the Tver region Alexander Revin.

" From tanks has flowed out about 100 tons of black oil, hits in the nearby river Vazuza it is not admitted, - he has told. - from two leak of black oil goes till now ".

Earlier a press - the secretary of the chief of the Moscow branch of the October railway Lyudmila Rozhkova has informed that, according to preliminary data, from tanks was howled about 300 tons of oil products. She 2 has informed that threat of leak of black oil from seven more - ten overturned tanks is saved.

According to Revina, within days movement on a site will be restored.

Now there is an analysis of the turned over tanks, has informed " News " The chief of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Tver region Vitaly Chistjakov.

" There are welded WRK 4 which safety the venue of WRK has been filled in by foam " - he has told. He 2 has noticed that the commission on installation of causes of accident will begin the WRK in the morning.

As has informed " News " the assistant to the Volga multi-region nature protection public prosecutor Oleg Petrov, now employees of nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor define volume of pollution and select tests, " further to prove remedially the size of the caused damage ".