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In Buryatiya the fire in military unit is liquidated and explosion

In republic Buryatiya is prevented the fire in territory of military unit is liquidated and threat of explosion of ammunition is prevented, have informed on Friday " News " in the Siberian regional CTR of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

there was overnight a kindling of a box to powder shells in a warehouse of ammunition of the military unit deployed in settlement Taltsy near to capital of republic the Uhlan - Ude.

On a scene of profit nine fire-fighting crews. To a fire the raised, third degree of complexity as there was a threat of explosion of ammunition has been appropriated.

Before arrival of firemen military men have started to extinguish fire.

In 22. 10 local time (17. 10 Moscow time) a fire has been liquidated also explosion threat is prevented.

According to preliminary data, the lightning which has got to a box with shells became the kindling reason, the interlocutor of agency has informed.

investigation is made.