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the Tver region: movement of trains completely will restore on Friday

Movement of trains on an emergency site zheldorogi in the Tver region it is planned to restore completely on Friday, have informed " News " in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation.

" It is expected that completely movement of trains on this site of road will be restored on June, 17th " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

Restoration of tracks passes slowly from - for extremely severe conditions of WRK, has informed " News " the deputy chief a press - services of the October railway Vladimir Zementsky.

" the Delay is caused by that on a place of accident there were unexpectedly difficult conditions: very heavy rehumidified ground in which the technics " sticks; - it has explained.

On Wednesday evening in 18 kilometres from a city of Rzhev in the Tver region were derailed 26 of 60 loaded black oil of tanks of the train.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, during freight train wreck in the Tver region 400 metres of railroad tracks have been hurt, from them of 200 metres demand full replacement, and 200 - will repair.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, as a result of train failure on a ground has poured out about 60 tons of oil products on a total area of 750 square metres. Railwaymen SPK about flood approximately 300 tons of oil products.

Black oil after railway failure near Rzhev has got to Volga, the assistant to the Volga multi-region nature protection public prosecutor Oleg Petrov has informed journalists.

Tanks W black oil have overturned in 150 metres from the river Vazuza, inflow of Volga.

" In first half of day supervising nature protection bodies have floated on the river Vazuze, beginning from a place of accident, by a boat and have fixed that about 70 % of water object is covered by an iridescent film " - Petrov has informed.

Oil products have already got to Volga, Petrov has noted.

" In a place of a confluence of Vazuzy to Volga about 50 % of a water surface 2 it is covered by an iridescent film " - has added zamprokurora.

Petrov has noticed that black oil in small quantities continues to arrive in the rivers. Supervising bodies have selected water tests, " but results while are not present " Petrov has informed.

the Governor of the Tver region Dmitry Zelenin has CFMed with the fact of hit of black oil in water objects of region.

" At the moment of failure the black oil part has got to water, nevertheless, forces of rescuers and repair brigades possible to minimise consequences " - the governor to journalists on a place of accident has told.

According to Zelenin, in the near future on a place of accident ecological sweep of territory, " will begin; 4 absorbirovanija oil products sand " will be delivered;.

Now Rosprirodnadzor comes into contacts to the companies which have special sorbents 4 black oil gathering in the Tver region.

" It is necessary to apply quickly sorbents which absorb in itself oil products, and to process them both a place of accident, and water area of the rivers " - has told " News " a deputy head of Federal Agency of supervision in wildlife management sphere (Rosprirodnadzor) Oleg Mitvol.

As he said, in sufficient volume these sorbents are at the companies " Transneft " and " Transmineral oil " and Rosprirodnadzor now " contacts a management of these companies ".

Meanwhile, in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia declare that black oil stains on a surface of Volga is not revealed.

As have informed " News " In a press - service of the ministry, court of the state inspection of small size vessels of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia surveyed water area of Volga around a confluence of it Vazuzy.

a surface of Volga surveyed and more low on a current on distance B4 40 kilometres. " black oil stains on a surface of Volga employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures it is not revealed " - the representative has informed a press - services.

As he said, 4 control over a situation on the river Vazuza for bonovymi obstacles there are two boats of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. " on boats there is a stock bonovyh obstacles on a case of a leaking of black oil for limits of the first obstacle exposed 4 a delay appeared on surface of the river of fuel " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

He has informed that employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures conduct supervision on Volga and around settlement Staritsa.

the First vice-president of Open Society " the Russian Railway " Hasjan Zjabirov has informed in interview " News " That wreck of the train transporting black oil has occurred from - for a warp of threads (rails). The warp of threads on turn has made 230 millimetres. " there was it from - that the internal thread of radius on a piece of 7 metres has fallen on 120 millimetres " - Zjabirov has told.

As Zjabirov, the machinist who conducted structure W black oil has told, has felt a strong lateral push and at first has simply lowered speed to 20 kilometres per hour and only has then applied emergency braking. The brake way of a train has made 350 metres.

Zjabirov 2 has noticed that 40 minutes prior to passage of cargo structure on the same site passed the passenger. As the machinist of the passenger train has informed, no pushes that MOM existing.