Rus News Journal

In connection with forthcoming International conference on Iraq in Bruxelles

-   In the action which organizers are the USA and EU, will participate more than 80 countries and the international organisations: members of the European Union, the NATO, Groups of eight, the UN Security Council (including changeable), Leagues of the Arabian states and the states next to Iraq, participants of Multinational forces, and also secretaries general of the United Nations, the NATO, the Organizations Islamic conference, heads of the International currency fund, the World bank, other international financial institutions. The Russian delegation will be headed by Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov.

- What agenda of conference?

- Central   subjects   summonses   day   become   advancement of political process in Iraq, questions of economic restoration, a situation in security sphere.

- What 2DAY the way 2 situation normalisation in Iraq, in your opinion, is C?

- Special value is got by activization of efforts on expansion   Interiraq   dialogue,   aimed   on   achievement of national reconciliation and the consent, to attraction of all of the basic etno - konfessionalnyh groups and the political parties of the country rejecting violence, 2 participation in state building process.

- Who takes part in preparation of the total document? What contribution of Russia to WRK over it?

- the Preparatory group as a part of the USA, EU, Russia, Japan, Egypt, Iraq and the United Nations is engaged in the Direct organisation of this forum and development of the project of its total document. The Russian representatives structurally co-operated W partners in Preparatory group during completion of the project of the total document.

- That should include the total document?

- It is supposed that participants of conference in Bruxelles will accept the final statement. In Moscow recognise that in it the basic priorities of the international community in postdisputed restoration of Iraq should be fixed.

In particular, we consider necessary that this document not only reflected a spirit of the countries presented at conference and the international organisations to increase assistance to Iraqis in the decision of problems of a transient period according to the time schedule fixed   in the resolution 1546 UN Security Councils, but also contained accurate reference points 4 new Transitive administration.

- What results you expect from forthcoming conference?

- In Russia hope that the forum in Bruxelles will contribute in escalating of assistance of the international community to advancement of political process in Iraq, the prompt stabilisation of a situation in this country and to strengthening of its state sovereignty.