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the USA and EU intend to advance democracy in Belarus

the USA and EU have declared intention to advance democracy in Belarus and have CFMed with the solidarity with supporters of democracy in Ukraine, in Georgia, Kirghizia and other countries of the world.

" the USA and EU consider that distribution of the accountable and representative power, domination of the law and respect of human rights as it is immortalised in the Universal declaration of human rights, are a strategic priority and moral necessity " - it is underlined in the joint statement accepted on Monday following the results of the summit which has taken place in the White house of the USA - EU.

US president George Bush, and also the head of Eurocommission Jose Manuel Barroso and the sovereign representative of EU have taken part In the summit concerning foreign policy and security Javier Solana.

" We will continue to co-ordinate, in particular, our efforts on advancement of democracy, domination of the law and respect of human rights in Belarus " - it is marked in the document.

" We promise our solidarity and support by that who advances democracy worldwide, be it in Ukraine, in Georgia, Kirghizia, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and other points " - it is underlined in the statement.

the Parties have noticed that EU and the NATO played an important role in creation of complete, free and peace Europe and " will continue it to do ".