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has found the wife to Grigory Chuhraju

This history the known director Paul Chuhraj has told in the program For the sake of Great Victory . On a table in studio - the photo which has turned yellow from time and a cutting from the newspaper... On a picture Grigory Chuhraj and Irina Penkova. On the back cards an inscription: Essentuki. 1942 . - that all also has begun With it...

21 - summer Grisha has ended air - landing school and has got to structure of landing armies. Them during war threw in the scorching heat. Losses always were big. It was necessary to come on rearrangement, to replace the lost soldiers. In the beginning of 1942 the part in which Chuhraj - the senior ministered, was in the North Caucasus, in Essentukah.

Ira Penkova, Grigory`s coeval, together with other students of local teacher`s college and other townsmen dug anti-tank ditches. In the evenings, as usual, dances. Here they also have met.

I have seen his face. More correctly, eyes, they in an emphasis looked at me, - to the son to Paul Irina Chuhraj told about acquaintance to the father. Is there was not simply a sight, and such... The purposeful. I a little bit was late, he hardly has smiled to me. Then us have acquainted, we have sat down aside and any more did not dance, have spoken all the evening long. Grisha there was an especial person, to it did not happen boringly and if it would like to draw to itself attention - at it it turned out .

a month later after their acquaintance Germans have entered into a city. Grishu with companions have thrown on other position, and Irina remained in Essentukah. They have lost each other, but have not forgotten...

Two years of war of guards lieutenant Grigory Chuhraj could not learn anything about Ire, could not communicate with it. It is live, no...

then he has sent in the letter For our children! :

When you will see before yourselves fritsev, remember Leshke Smirnove, Maxim, about children, and, I know, our cargo will depart precisely to the purpose - on heads of bastards . And more:

In the left pocket of my soldier`s blouse I am more than year I carry a photo of Irinki, my bride. It was with me in fights, it gave to me of forces when it seemed, they have run low, it warmed my heart when ran on it a grief chill. I do not know, where now Irinka. The city in which she lived, has been occupied by the German. Now it is released, but all my letters are vain. It is not present. I lose hope every day when - nibud to find it. And instead of this hope hatred grows in heart, necessity to see blood of enemies " grows;.

the Letter have printed. Irina Penkova has read a note in the newspaper and has responded... Grigory Naumovich has been wounded and when it have written out from hospital, has arrived in Essentuki, and young have got married. Date in the certificate - on May, 9th, 1944 - it is equal one year prior to long-awaited Victory.

Grigory Chuhraj has passed war, has shot perfect films - the Ballad about the soldier the Unflawed sky . He has died in 2001, but each time in a family of Paul Chuhraja is celebrated on May, 9th a double feast.

For the sake of Great Victory . Tuesday, evening, the channel the Star.

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