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To the chairman of a thought will buy the third Mercedes for 3 million budgetary roubles

What for to the chairman of the Yaroslavl regional Duma Victor Rogotsky the new car? Especially, not aby what « a Zhiguli » and a super foreign car for 3 million budgetary roubles? This question has very much excited deputies even for session of the budgetary commission. Then the director of department of the finance of area Anatoly Fedorov reported about budget expenses. Also has casually mentioned.

On the Duma which has passed today, on May, 25th, an automobile subject have decided to hush up. Say, well also that that the new car – a commonplace. It is necessary to the chairman on something for work to go.

However the emerged history has evoked a wide response. Deputies did not know about purchase. And it is logical that have started to be indignant: on a court yard crisis. Money even on sotsialku does not suffice. Deficiency grows by leaps and bounds (for the first quarter it has increased on 1 billion 7 million roubles and has made more than 3 billion). And here such neekonomija.

– At Rogotsky already is two five-100-th « Mercedes » and two personal drivers. One from the Government of the area, the second from « the Yaroslavl marketing company » where it was the general director earlier. On - to mine will suffice, where to it to drive about? – Alexander Tsvetkov was not appeased.

In a lobby it even interrogated deputies: by what those go? And how much it costs?

On a broader scale, to deputies are fixed so-called razezdnye cars – middle class. A pair of clocks in day they can easy use them. Personal cars are fixed to the chairman of the Duma and it zamom.

But as it has appeared, Victor Rogotsky`s personal car already absolutely old.

- It « to Mercedes » already almost 10 years. The car constantly demands repair. On its service many money leaves, - have explained in the regional Duma. – therefore also the decision to buy other car, ponovee, but too the second-hand was accepted.

Time at such price (3 million), certainly, a class representation.