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osteo - DENS - for the aid to your neck

the Natural desire to save activity, despite age, is at each person. But a leah for a long time you woke up so fresh, how in 20 years? Probably, recently you have caught yourselves on thought that in secret envy the neighbour which though is more senior, but looks more vigorous, and the matter is that - pains in the field of a neck. For you experts of corporation DENAS MS have found a way how to help a neck, and have created the device osteo - DENS .

Also it is old, and mlad...

Usually between a pain in a neck and an osteochondrosis put an equal-sign. Meanwhile the reasons of occurrence of the given symptom happen different, and problems with a neck are reflected in a status of all organism. The familiar sensation when after office inactive work all body as if is broken and even became heavy to move?

or, for example, you have intensively worked at home or in a garden: have made furniture shift, potaskali the earth, and have fallen ill for weariness in the evening? Or have simply spent all the day long at the wheel the car, and could not go to friends because the neck has refused to turn in the evening? Actually after 30 years similar symptoms can repeat in increasing frequency. Therefore experts of corporation DENAS MS advise not to wait aggravation of painful statuses, and to start to use the device osteo - DENS . And at whom a chronic osteochondrosis, the device can become necessary.

Besides removal of a pain in the field of a neck osteo - DENS has a number of additional positive effects which contribute in activization of brain blood circulation, improvement of the general state of health, fatigue decrease, headache removal.

The masseur

Developers of the device osteo - DENS have taken care of using the device those people who are far from knowledge of technical novelties could even. The device works by a principle of one button: from the user it is required to include only the device and to choose comfortable power level. In a device operating time on a neck will run pleasant murashki - sensations very similar that people test during massage. Such effect developers have achieved thanks to alternate stimulation shejno - vorotnikovoj a zone: the left electrode, then - right at first works. Who from users will refuse to receive in the property of the qualified masseur? Especially process of treatment the pleasant. If it is necessary, to begin a session it is possible directly on work.

the device osteo - DENS it is executed in the form of a collar which conveniently fastens round a neck with the help lipuchek. That there is a session, remind only gentle poglazhivanija from which the pain in a neck gradually dies away.

two programs which are provided in osteo - DENS allow to choose an individual mode depending on state of health. The first program - pain Therapy - it is intended for struggle against acute pains of any origin: at a trauma, koreshkovom a syndrome, an osteochondrosis, myshechno - a tonic syndrome. The second program - the Relaxation - it is applied to preventive maintenance: removals of muscular pressure, weariness. To operate process of treatment during procedure it is possible by means of the panel, without removing the device and without stopping influence.

to the Device always there will be a place and in a ladies` bag, and in a backpack of the gardener, and even in a jacket pocket. And together with osteo - DENS there will be a confidence of life improvement of quality.


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