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While the couple kissed on a bench, the pilferer has withdrawn a man purse

on May, 25th, on Tuesday « has written that the militia will calm young men passionately kissing on public (Read as: the Minsk militia will calm passionately kissing?) as there was unexpectedly a continuation of this subject. One of these days the enamoured couple had a rest in the evening in the Sevastopol park of capital. Young men have been so absorbed the friend by the friend that anybody around did not notice: embraced, kissed. And at this time by there passed the young man.

- It has quickly estimated possible benefit in this situation: the couple has at all forgotten about a man purse standing on a bench. The passer-by, earlier repeatedly the offender for thefts and robberies, has crept, has seized a man purse and has rushed nautek, - has told a press - the officer May Day RUVD Olga Kutko. - And only then enamoured have come off from each other. The young man has tried to catch up with the villain, but could not.

in some minutes there have arrived police officers and have found in bushes a mobile phone of the pilferer and a pack of cigarettes which it has wasted during a pursuit. And for the morning the young man himself has come to militia with the statement - last night at it have stolen phone! Here - that police officers also have shown to it « stolen » phone.

the Pilferer on a place have detained and have filed criminal charges on ch. 2 items 205 UK « Theft ». By the way, to young men have returned a man purse and have asked to be more reserved in public places.