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The actress of a serial School : Frank scenes in this film are justified

«» has communicated to the performer of a role of the teacher   the aleksandroj Child on the eve of the termination   a serial.

Alexander Rebenok, played the teacher who sleeps with the father of the pupil, has shared the opinion on a serial.

- Sasha, you do not consider that Valery Guy Germanika`s director has transferred the family problems to a serial « School »? Its relations with native father Igor Dudinsky who recognised the daughter only after DNA examination, developed not so simply.

- Certainly, it the gifted artist which has a life. And it is normal. Yes, at it difficult relations with the father. But I also know that father Igor Dudinsky was the first who has come to Valerys to hospital. In a serial « School » all fathers care of children. More likely, there are fathers - singles. In a serial of Lera has corrected what did not suffice it in the relations with the father.

- If earlier all considered that the director left this « Schools » also takes a detached view, now after a case with alcohol many think that Lera simply leads life of this serial schoolgirl.   how you consider?

- It the founder of this history and, a serial - it is unconditional, the author`s project. It is its pain, complexes of the person which passes an opinion on the school experience.

- In your school life there was such school, how in a serial?

- At me was two schools and it is good that they were strict. Drugs then only appeared, and me it has not concerned. But I fine remember cellars where we had life and the laws. We wanted to be adults, and for children it means, to drink and smoke. When to children say that you the adult and should conduct yourself properly the child does that the adult does. And here already the fault of adults that the child sees drugs, alcohol and tobacco. They not bad, they imitate adults.

- As the history of your heroine, teacher Natalia Nikolaevny, in a serial comes to an end?  

- It is thrown by the father of the schoolboy with whom at her the novel, and she remains one. It is its error, and it for it has paid. In one of series Natalia Nikolaevna masturbates. Also it is the symbolical culmination of its history. There is such film where the woman, remained one in the end masturbates and cries. Because it is lonely. My heroine does not cry, it simply satisfies herself. That I had to play such frank scenes, I consider, it is completely defensible under the scenario. Otherwise, I would not began to do it.