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Experts of IMF: the Economy of Belarus costs on a restoration way

Experts have spent in Belarus two weeks from May, 12 till May, 25th to estimate results of teamwork and to understand that else it is possible to make for Byelorussians. It has appeared, affairs at our economy are not too bad:

- As high rates of economic growth in the first quarter 2010 bear, the economy of Belarus costs on a restoration way, - quotes head of mission Chris Dzharvisa BelTa. - Inflation remains low. (…) . The external debt of Belarus under the international standards remains small that is advantage of republic in the present international environment.

But which - that still disturbs experts. Especially two moments: statements for increase of the salary and how willingly Belarus borrows. And it is valid, the salary, according to Belstata, has raised for April on 2 %, and Sovmin is literally one of these days has signed the decision about creation of eurobonds which will allow to involve in republic of 1 billion dollars. So in the autumn experts will return to Belarus to discuss with the government continuation of cooperation in the form of consultations or the next program of reforms for the European money.

- We want to co-operate closely with the country authorities that certain ideas have been realised, - Chris Dzharvis has told.

- Cooperation with IMF does not stop, we never refused the international support. While we do not disclose the information on in what form it will proceed, - has told «» the chief of service of the information of Natsbank Anatoly Drozdov.


- to Lift labour productivity on state enterprises;

- to provide to private enterprises access to credits;

- to spend tough policy concerning the budget and a salary;

- to continue decrease in taxes and privatisation;

- to continue to keep a Belarusian rouble exchange rate in 10 % - nom a corridor.