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Families of two brothers from Komi have suffered in Turkish failure

in the Afternoon in Republic Komi the sad message - as a result of the road accident which have happened this morning in Turkey has come, two inhabitants of republic &mdash were lost; Alexander and Svetlana Potapovy. In the fatal bus which has failed in the river, on excursion relatives went.

Two brothers – Alexander and Dmitry Potapovy with wives. 49 - summer Dmitry and 43 - summer Svetlana – spouses from Syktyvkar. 56 - summer Alexander and his wife, 56 - summer Larissa live in Ukhta. In Alani amicable relatives have decided to spend holiday.... In both steams one of spouses was lost. Dmitry and Larissa now – in Turkish hospitals. To Dmitry have already performed operation, have removed a kidney and a spleen, for his life doctors struggle....

in Ukhta now endure a sad message about fellow countrymen. Colleagues Alexander – And it the pilot, it fine knew in a city, do not believe that it could happen with active Alexander loving life.

- Alexander has spent 30 years in aircraft, on Mi - 6 flied, the commander was. The professional what to look, - remembers with tears in a voice the senior dispatcher of the Uhtinsky airport Lyudmila Ljaskanova, - And the person surprising, the sportsman, in football drove better the young. And the wife its Larissa call, they together live for a long time, children at them already adult...

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According to Lyudmila, Alexander has left aircraft about 10 years ago, « when all began to collapse » recently worked in the gas company. But colleagues, of course, remember it. They refused to believe that their fellow countryman and the friend was lost.

the Photo: milliyet. com. tr

- And it can and not our Potapovy at all? Perhaps have simply mixed there something in a hurry? - Lyudmila`s upset voice on other end of a wire as though clings to last hope.

Having heard Alexander and Larissa`s date of birth, doubts have disappeared:

- Yes, it they... Alexander – the pilot, in different alterations happened, and was lost in bus failure... Memory eternal of the Sachet...