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- Balkariju has fallen upon Kabardino squall of terrorist attacks

Lately messages on events in KBR remind messages from front. Morning of Tuesday on departure from the city of Tyrnyauza had been undermined the patrol car in which there were two employees of traffic police. Militiamen seriously have not suffered, however at inspection of a place of blasting of a patrol car four more explosives two of which have blown up have been found out. As a result of wound the cynologist has received.

- the Type and a way of blasting of explosives is specified, - have informed «» in republican investigatory management.  

Three days ago here, in Tyrnyauze, the improvised explosive device put not where - nibud, and in a memorial bowl « was revealed; Eternal fire ». Thanks to the vigilant citizens who have informed in militia that fire in a memorial has gone out, large act of terrorism has been prevented. The police officers who have arrived on a call have found and have neutralised an explosive capacity in one kg of trotyl. In the afternoon before the attack on employees of a female corrective colony in settlement Soviet Kabardino - Balkarii has been made. Them have shot at a stop from driving by the car « VAZ - 21099 » silvery colour.

  - Troy have died on the spot, one employee has been wounded, - has told «» a source in republican law enforcement bodies.

- Nalchik - terrorists too have not avoided republic Capital. The explosive has been put at a bus stop, and its explosion had been wounded besides the police officer.

the next night have neutralised an explosive in Baksane. The Time bomb on base of grenade F - 1 have again found out in an input in a building where settle down the whole two points of militia - regional and city.

On the facts of attempts and murders of militiamen criminal cases under articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation   are raised; « Murder » « the Encroachment on life of law enforcement officers » « Illegal circulation of explosives and the weapon » « Illicit manufacturing of explosives ». Search of criminals is conducted.    


Arsene KANOKOV, president Kabardino - Balkarii:

- Present, as well as all previous evil deeds of terrorists, we consider as an impudent call to our society, as unsolemn war against own people. And with whatever good ideas and slogans they were covered, the justifying to these bad people is not present and never will be. As will not be it and the slightest pardon.

In May rare day in KBR   has done without act of terrorism  

on May, 1st - Nalchik. Explosion on a hippodrome.

on May, 3rd - Baksan. The employee of traffic police is shot.

on May, 7th -     with. Kremenchuk - Konstantinovsky.   Attempt at the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

on May, 8th - Tyrnyauz. Attempt at the field investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

on May, 9th - Explosion in the centre of Nalchik, is fired traffic police fast.

on May, 16th - Tyrnyauz. The police squad is fired.

on May, 19th - Nalchik. The strong point of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is blown up.

on May, 20th - Nalchik. Attempt at employee PPS.

on May, 21st - Baksan. The deputy the public prosecutor of Baksansky area is killed.

on May, 22nd - Prohladnensky area. Employees of a corrective colony are shot.

on May, 23rd - Tyrnyauz. The bomb in a memorial « is neutralised; Eternal fire ».  

on May, 24th - Explosion in Nalchik

on May, 25th - Tyrnyauz. The bomb at a militia building is neutralised, the car with employees of traffic police is blown up.