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In KBR have passed the law on silence

that it is not necessary to rustle at night not to prevent to have a rest to neighbours after day of work, know all. However not all citizens follow this rule - that repair will be tightened long after midnight there will be a severe need to sort out relations with second half. In the republican Code about administrative offences, of course, there is corresponding article, and the size of penalties is defined accurately, however in Kabardino - Balkarii have decided to make secure. The head of republic had been signed the Law « About observance of silence and rest of citizens at night ». By this document it is defined, when, actually, there comes night time, territories and premises which should be protected from noise, and how it is impossible to rustle.

Now under the law from 22 o`clock till 6 o`clock it should be silent in apartments, numbers of hostels, hostels, schools, hospitals, sanatoria, and also entrances, lifts and on pridomovyh territories. It is impossible to include TVs and tape recorders on full loudness, to play musical instruments, to shout, sing, whistle, and also to do repair if it intrudes upon leisure and silence.