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Game halls have hidden under signboards of buying up and pawnshops

the Law on an interdiction for hazardous business has come into force on July, 1st, 2009. And at once owners of game clubs have started to search for roundabout ways: automatic machines retrained in lotomaty. A basic difference one: now instead of counters players were bought by matches, handles and lighters. It seems, have found a justice and on this misfortune. But the skilled people warned - players will go underground.

And happens. Now on pavilions where gold coins and one-armed gangsters earlier flaunted, it is modestly stuck: « Optics » « Buying up » « the Pawnshop ». But to buy glasses or to put grandmother`s brilliants to you here hardly it will be possible. On doors - locks. Start up only the.

Militiamen report every day that « have covered » the next game hall, tens « have confiscated; one-armed gangsters » … And courts punish businessmen - infringers penalties and … return the withdrawn equipment to the owner. The same fast breaks a signboard « Buying up » locks more strong a door and puts more reliably protection. Game proceeds.

the Address first working club we are prompted by militiamen.

- On Kache it will be exact, - fighters with « sigh; one-armed gangsters ».

in the Kachinsky market militiamen closed the Game hall not once. But automatic machines only change a residence permit: from one pavilion move in another. All there and then - at a stop.

This time the long plastic structure hides behind cellular communication salon.

three dusty sheets Stuck by an adhesive tape say that in pavilion « buying up » « a pawnshop » and « optics ». The metal door is locked. From parked nearby « tens » there is a man of years of forty. Slowly touches a bunch of keys, finds necessary and flings the door open.

From pavilion warm yellow light escapes. Along walls abreast there are game machines. The young guy with enthusiasm looks in the monitor: game in the heat. Here wait for new clients. And the law not pisan.

I Move on the market « Russia ». On hours almost eight evenings. Life round a complex in the heat. The wind generously informs a shish kebab smell. From shop « Products » there are four guys. In hands plastic glasses with beer. The company heads to pavilion without recognition symbols. Windows and doors are closed up by a grey film. On an input a call. But to enter into a premise do not dare. Stop in semimeter from object.

- Look, - one of podguljavshih friends nods in my party.

Looks of deep significance - it decided to wait my leaving.

the Crowd promptly grows, starts to be nervous and catch at mobile phones.

I Retire. At a tram stop there is a grandmother - the God`s dandelion. That in a course of all latest developments.


Today they hide under « left » signboards.
a photo: The author

- Yes play there, damned, - the old woman gives out. But there and then understands that has given miss: the valuable information so simply do not merge.

- And you what for? From militia, a leah that, you will be? - Is interested babulja. - That one has come - that? It was necessary to take more strong on help of whom. Itself you will not consult!

Having picked up a basket, the informant passes out of sight.

Next day I type « 02 ». It am not represented. The person on duty - the affable girl, long accepts the message on a game hall on Kache. Asks co-ordinates and identification signs of pavilion.

- it is good, we will check up the information.

In a tube short hooters.

After three hours the reciprocal call from Dzerzhinsky ROVD was distributed. To visit in a game hall promised this very day.


the militia Comment

Vladimir SAZHIN, the chief of ORCH UBEP the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Volgograd region:

- Operative work is conducted constantly. But there is also other, problem party. There is no uniform definition that such gambling equipment. Earlier when business was legal, the standardization and metrology centre traced prize percent on the equipment, revealed that is lawful, and that is not present. After adoption of law about an interdiction of its game business automatically did not become in a city. And experts of the centre are released from functions on equipment check. Accordingly, to make accurate definition - game or not - at us there is nobody. From here problems with judgements. We have no possibility to give the lawful, well-founded conclusion about the equipment status.


  Where to complain of a game hall (8442):

97 - 22 - 90 - a call centre of the Department of Internal Affairs of Volgograd

30 - 43 - 45, 33 - 24 - 71 - a call centre of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Volgograd region

54 - 72 - 25 - call centre UBEP the region Municipal Department of Internal Affairs

or « 02 »




So game pavilions only looked one year ago.

Today they hide under « left » signboards.


Figure of day

  101 game halls « have covered » militiamen from the beginning of year in the Volgograd region


1099 « one-armed gangsters » 51 Internet - the terminal, 22 system blocks and 126 game payments have gone in « the penalty - warehouses »


48 administrative reports have made on businessmen, and concerning two businessmen have filed criminal charges


According to ORCH UBEP the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Volgograd region.