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Almazbek Atambaev has refused participation in parliamentary and presidential election

passions round scandals with participation of some present members of the government which after publication of their telephone conversations have convicted in « do not calm down; dirty » to game. But more all adds fuel to the fire the vice-president of VP Almazbek Atambaev who have arranged yesterday the next meeting with journalists.

About setups concerning scandal about 1 million dollars

- Rozu Isakovnu have substituted. In Sokuluke she has declared that I was not present at session on which have decided to allocate one million dollars for special action in the south of 12 - on May, 14th. Kaptagaev on Monday declared that for this sum there were all necessary documents. I have asked it to bring them. I remember that there was one order from May, 13th: to allocate 2 million dollars from means stored Natsbank for financing of actions for situation stabilisation. There are signatures Otunbaevoj, Beknazarova, Sarieva, Tekebaeva, Kaptagaeva, and my signature is.

About Beknazarove, Sarieve and Asanov

- People withdraw aside. Between Beknazarovym and Sarievym there was a conversation that it is necessary to destroy documents and not to show money which where - that go. At us that, for cattle consider the people? One laws for one, others – for others. I drive to that on Monday on the Internet there were new records – Beknazarova and Bektura Asanov. I have invited the last to myself and have asked, a leah really between them such conversation has taken place. He has confirmed it. It is impossible to confuse a voice of Azimbeka. What told Azimbek? That will open case on those who does not submit to it. What turns out? There was a private shop of Zhanysha Bakieva - Office of Public Prosecutor, became a shop of Beknazarova. I do not learn it, Azimbek was absolutely other person till April, 7th.
I do not want to accuse all government. Certainly, there are very fair people. Who will tell something bad about Tekebaeva or Otunbaevu? But if there are facts which already cannot be hidden, with them it is necessary to understand up to the end.

- Many say About forthcoming elections that Atambaev prepares for elections. Atambaev is not going to go at all neither on parliamentary, nor on presidential election, I only want to help to lift Otunbaevoj economy. But Atambaev does not want, that instead of Zhanysha Office of Public Prosecutor Beknazarov operated, instead of Maxim there was Sariev and so on. At us the people should be the owner. People should know all. At us it turns out so: all are equal, but someone ravnee. Then what for we changed the previous power?

About bribery

- conversations on bribes Go. Otunbaeva says that remains not clear who has received a bribe that anybody does not admit it. If the curator of power structures Beknazarov says that Atambaev took a bribe, let is responsible for the words before the law. I 17 years in opposition. And all these years in every possible way tried to plant or clean me in any way. I have got used to bear responsibility for each word. Why Temir Sariev was afraid, what the Natsbank will lose? There was such day when in NB KR have presented the person who at all did not supervise over small bank and has fulfilled in RSK all month. It have presented the chairman of Natsbank that it was easier to steal money.

I am absolutely assured of it.

Roza Isakovna – our president, start up it will incur responsibility for an event. If I in something am guilty, it personally should force to bring the State Office of Public Prosecutor on my criminal case and personally to plant me. I do not suggest to discharge Sarieva and Beknazarova of work. I simply insist on investigation. And suddenly Atambaev took a bribe in 400 thousand dollars?!

About the finance

- Money which should translate for a long time from Fund of development from Maxim`s bill to the government bill that all was transparent, are not translated till now. Probably, because to the deputy minister of the finance have given other instructions. Money in Kyrgyzstan is. Why then financing on repair of roads is no opened? It that, not sabotage? To have on an abacus billions catfishes and not to repair anything. If all to begin with lie, will be worse, than at Bakieve.

About life threat

- Me can easy close a mouth once. On Monday Dujshebaev (head GSNB. – a bus Comment) Spoke: « We know, why have let out three criminals who specialised on murders. Be careful ». How unarmed people from a cage can run away? It has been organised. The people of Kyrgyzstan should know it because Kyrgyzstan again want to make a private shop.

About detention of the minister and corporate raid

- In personnel selection VP there are errors. But if they are, they should be corrected. I here, for example, have asked to take on Tuesday all night long operating minister in SNB, acting as the witness. And there it will be visible. If it is not guilty, I personally before it will apologise. There is personnel, and not just a financial corporate raid. The State Office of Public Prosecutor, for example, has got used to work on command, therefore and such situation turns out. If to hide illness, will get out a metastasis.

About external control and borders with Kazakhstan

- Kyrgyzstan has levers of work with any country. We take, for example, Kazakhstan. It has opened borders after we have shown the trumps. If to speak about the become frequent conversations on external control input in Kyrgyzstan such dreams are available for separate interested parties, it is especially frequent about it secretary general ODKB Nikolay Bordyuzha speaks. Our people were not afraid to go a chest on bullets, therefore nobody can win it.