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The rose - in Sokuluk, Kurmanbek - to Turkey

the President of a transient period has spent a considerable part of day in Chujsky area. As true sotsial - the democrat, there was it there with « an active of Sokuluksky area ». That has told to the head of the state « an active » it is not informed, but Otunbaeva has stated an estimation to some events occurring in the country last days.

Pozitsija Otunbaevoj on the history which have filled already a soreness of the mouth with proslushkoj telephone conversations and under the maintenance of these conversations has appeared not such, as at the former party fellow Atambaeva:
- Atambaev was not present at an extraordinary session when have decided to allocate 1 million dollars for carrying out of special action in the south of republic 12 - on May, 14th. Money for it are taken not from the country budget, and from means which are confiscated from cells « AUBa » also belonged to a family and confidants Bakievyh.
Has mentioned Roza Isakovna and a bribe subject in 400 thousand dollars which was ostensibly received

by Atambaev for purpose of the certain person by the head of one of divisions of customs service:
- Remains not clear who to whom has given (bribe) and a leah gave on a broader scale. Anybody does not admit it. If you have such facts, call in a public reception.
whence « an active » Sokuluksky area of Chujsky area can know about the corruption facts in the higher echelons « time » the authorities – remains not sounded.

One more comment on the same subject has given Temir Sariev. Having promised that within the next few days there will be big a press - conference and it, Sariev, will tell on it truth, the Minister of Finance has hastened to call into question integrity and a continuity of the record which have got to the Internet:
- In this conversation were nezakonchennye, all was steep. I have understood that have pulled out from conversation some words which have changed an essence of all conversation.

While Temir Sariev got acquainted with video - and audio - online services, and Roza Otunbaeva told « to an active » that it now – the decision-making centre, and practice of inheritance of the power to a related sign will cease to exist thanks to parliamentary republic, Kurmanbek Bakiev has given the developed interview to agency « RIA - News »:
- In my position – you go, you sit, you wake up, you fall asleep, eat – well did, think of all time about Kyrgyzstan. I all - taki the president of this country, - am frank Bakiev, continuing to insist that its resignation is not accepted by Zhogorku Keneshem, as well as it is necessary under the constitution, it de - juro remains the head of the state. To those who in the head of the state de - fakto, the relation at it has not changed:
- All dogs today hang up on me. All inability to stabilise a situation, inability to operate the country. And to what they agree – take, plunder, this all yours. It that? Militiamen in Talas cruelly beat. Them there burnt down, tried to put out eyes, scoffed in every possible way. Izuverstvo any. Already in Bishkek I did not supervise over defence of the White House. I, as the head of the state, have no relation to defence of the White house. Absolutely. Any head of power structures, law enforcement bodies who was in the White house, the head of the device of the president can confirm it. Any can tell – the president interfered with defence of the White house or not.

Bakiev Has dropped important enough phrase and about the actions in the head of the state. Kurmanbek Salievich has declared that, probably, Maxim Bakieva`s purpose for high state fast was the wrong decision.    
« to live fast » in Belarus Kurmanbek Bakiev does not intend. He says that will try to be useful both to Alexander Lukashenko, and the people of this country, and all country as a whole.

While Bakiev has gone on rest to Turkey, sources in the Belarus mass-media even name a concrete city – the White-coat seal. Lukashenko said that the second president of Kyrgyzstan has problems with health; there were they and during presidency of Bakieva so this step unexpected does not look.

by the way, in the same place, in Turkey, Bakieva have a chance to meet Bolotom Shernijazovym. Still the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, appears, lately was on the staff Utah where gave lectures and corrected health. Having returned to Kyrgyzstan, Shernijazov, according to news agency « 24. kg » has resigned, however Otunbaeva has not accepted this resignation. After that Shernijazov has departed to Turkey. The reasons – are not informed.