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The pilferer for a night has cleaned nine apartments

In the 38 years the pilferer already six times was we judge for room thefts! And one of these days has again got to police officers.

- I did not want … So it has turned out, - the arrested person later explained. Literally last year it left on freedom. Tried where - that to earn additionally, but money for demountable apartment and binge did not suffice. Also has pulled it again on exploits. As - that on the Internet he has casually come across the information on how it is possible to break a room door by means of mount and fomki. It so has impressed the man that has decided to check up a way in practice.

- the Choice of the recidivist has fallen on new buildings along the street Kuntsevshchina. As not all tenants were occupied in the house, it with ease has defined empty apartments and has started to work, - has told «» a press - the officer Frunze RUVD Alla Golubovich. - For a night minchanin has broken doors of nine apartments. Among stolen basically the building tool: Punchers, shurupoverty, drills. Stolen the man has packed into sports bags and has put by at an input of one of entrances.

in the Morning the man has gone on the capital market to estimate, to whom it can be sold. When has returned behind bags it was waited already by police officers. Directly on a place the man have detained.

Concerning it have filed criminal charges on ch. 2 items 205 UK « Theft ». Now to the skilled pilferer threatens till four years of imprisonment.