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Gryzi carrot, you will sunbathe without the sun!

It appears, and creams - autosunburns are for this purpose unessential! Enough there are certain kinds of vegetables and fruit much.

Effect of easy velvety sunburn give to a skin karotinoidy (these are vitamin A derivatives - beta - carotin).

Most of all karotinoidov it has appeared in a Thai melon, carrots, apricots, the Bulgarian pepper and spinach. Scientists assure that at their regular use in food the skin looks not only more healthy, but also is reddened, as at influence UF - beams. And if daily there are these products the good result can achieve in a month.

Wonderful effect « vegetable » sunburn speaks simply. We have two pigments, responsible for a yellowish shade of a skin. Melanin is developed under the influence of UF - beams (that is in a sun deck and on the sun). Karotinoidy give a golden shade to a skin without an ultraviolet.

But to achieve « fruktovo - vegetable » sunburn follows not to all. It is not necessary to eat pomnogu the named vegetables and fruit with at whom problems with a liver and a gall bladder.

Also it is necessary to concern orange and red plants carefully to allergic persons.

By the way, karotinoidy concern fat-soluble connections. Therefore salad from carrot or sweet pepper will be much more useful if to fill with its vegetable oil - olive or sunflower.


It is known that UF - beams influence glands of internal secretion and stimulate development of sexual hormones both at men, and at women. More precisely, call hormonal explosion! And this phenomenon has one more ghost effect: spermatozoidy the healthy man become more active and is more often reach the overall objective - jajtsekletki. It, in turn (under influence « a happiness hormone » serotonina which is developed only under the influence of natural UF - beams), it is ready to open the embraces to the first comer « to a tadpole ». In general, continuous ljamur - tuzhur in an organism.

Scientists from University of the Austrian Innsbruck have established that more than successful attempts of conception it is necessary on sunny days (or nights after clear day). Cloudy and rainy days the quantity of conceptions decreases approximately on 15 %.


WILL protect the Active sun hurts a skin and hair. And to use it in the blessing, the complex approach is necessary. There are minerals and vitamins which will protect us from excessive action of the sun. For example, calcium reduces sensitivity of a skin to UF - to beams. Therefore on beach rest it is necessary to eat the products rich with calcium every day: cheeses, cottage cheese, yoghurts.

Secrets of gentle sunburn: has eaten - and an order!
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On a beach necessarily cover hair from the aggressive sun with a scarf or a hat. After a beach do not use cosmetic means which offer in hotel. Take better with itself shampoo for frequent application with natural grassy extracts (a horsetail, a burdock) and balm - a conditioner with UF - filters.

to Dry hair after bathing it is better in a shade (the wet head of hear very quickly burns out). Comb hair a wooden crest with not sharp zubchikami. If plan to use a hairspray, buy with UF - filters.


In reasonable limits an ultraviolet is useful and even is necessary for us. If on a skin sunlight enough does not get:

the organism ceases to develop the vital vitamin D which is necessary for a strong hold of teeth and bones. The group of employees of Stomatologic university of Toronto (Canada) has proved: month of abiding under the open sun reduces risk of destruction of tooth enamel for a year forward;

it is broken fosforno - kalievyj an exchange conducting to changes in bone system;

immunity worsens;

mental faculties, especially ability of perception of the new information decrease;

the risk prostudnyh and infectious diseases raises.

There are people whom without the sun it becomes bad: they feel stifled, languid, dystonia attacks are played. As a rule, it   choleric persons with a fast metabolism. The matter is that the ultraviolet stimulates development by a brain serotonina - « a happiness hormone ». And to such natures the big portions serotonina, than, say, to phlegmatic persons or melancholiacs are required.


If at the kid an allergy to the sun...

to the Daughter two and a half a year. It the allergic person, however, as well as many children now. This year for the first time have taken out the child to Crimea. And there at it have gone very strong vysypanija type krapivnitsy. A leah can be it any reaction to the sun? With food at us no problems there existing...

Elena Trifonova.

Galina SMIRNOVA, the pediatrist, the professor:

- the Gentle skin of the child is very sensitive to an ultraviolet. Influence of direct sun rays can call an aggravation dermatita. And long abiding on the sun - to become the reason even serious display of an allergy - fotodermatoza.

When go on walk, try, that absent-minded sun rays got to a carriage only. And 15 minutes prior to an exit on street necessarily grease open sites of a skin of the child with special children`s means with UF - protection (it can be creams or a milk) not less than 20 units.

Try, that all children`s summer things were only from natural materials. To bathe the child it is necessary every day, but only in warm water - at all in hot in the summer.

For washing do not use usual children`s soap: It contains alkali which dries a skin, and for the child, suffering affliction a diathesis, it is very harmful.

it is better to buy special means without the alkali, not injuring too sensitive skin of the kid.