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In the City Day Petersburgers will see the future newspaper

Hearings that in Northern capital are going to let out the volume newspaper, went for a long time already. And here the small technological miracle happens. In a City Day « the Neva time » leaves with fashionable technology directly on a cover. And inside too – in the newspaper special points will be enclosed. «» the first after colleagues from « the Neva time » has tested new technology.

we Take in hands a newspaper copy. With texts like that`s OK, and here photos blur. We put on points. One glass red, another dark blue. It to see photos the volume.  

- Look here at this stub, - the employee of the newspaper Victor Zdanovich shows on one photo. - it is badly visible. And now put on points …

Opa! The muffled blurring stub became as the newcomer!

As has learnt «» All counter of stereograms in the newspaper in how them to remove. Already there is a special technics with two objectives (volume photos - and a video shooting use in advertising and glossy magazines). It is possible and on usual to adapt. An essence that our eyes see everyone the, and in a brain two images develop in one. And here. One picture becomes through one optical filter, for example, the red. If to look at it through a dark blue fragment of glass – you will see nothing. And on the contrary. And then put on multi-coloured points – also admire volume. As has explained «» the editor-in-chief « the Neva time » Michael Ivans, here is necessary some skill. To someone some seconds is required all, to someone – it is more to focus sight and to see a volume picture.

- Today so say about new technologies much that we could not stand aside, - Michael Ivans has told. - but it is the disposable action – The gift in the city Birthday, all release will be devoted Petersburg. It is not assured that all newspapers will amicably start the production newspapers in 3D - a format. In - the first, are not present sense to force readers to study daily news in special points. In - the second, release 3D is more expensive on an order. It simply mark in evolution of mass-media. While it is more amusing, than it is necessary.

by the way, the idea of release of unique release belongs to the author « the Neva time » to scientist Sergey Nazarov. Couple of months back he has seen release of such sports newspaper in Belgium.