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The main militiaman of the Voronezh region Oleg Hotin for last year has earned one million

the Data are published on an official site of department. In the list - 305 most the main things militian surnames of the country. If to take on the average, but the chief in epaulets has earned for a year of an order of one - one and a half millions roubles, has apartment, the ground area and the car.

Voronezh is presented in the report by three names. And they, as a whole, are not beaten out from an overall picture - only the car at anybody has not appeared. So, the chief of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Oleg Hotin has declared the income in 1 million 72 thousand 485 roubles, 800 square metres of the earth and apartment in 80 squares . It zam, the chief of militia of public security Victor   Tchernyaev in 2009 - m has earned to year less chief - 977 thousand 930 roubles of 17 copecks. But at it three ground areas a total area of an order of two thousand square metres, the apartment is more spacious also garage. And the income of the first zama, the chief of criminal militia Anatoly Yakunin , almost same, as at the head - 1 million 14 thousand 856 roubles and more 34 copecks.   However, real estate in the declaration does not appear any - neither apartments, nor the earths.

By the way, the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev last year has earned   2 million 767 thousand roubles.