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Today day « Ak the Leopard » in capital of Tatarstan

Double owners of the Cup of Gagarin will meet citizens of Kazan on the Millenary area.

Mass walks on the Millenary area will begin in five evenings. There fans will meet favourite players.

After rewarding in the Kremlin the command in an open train will drive from a monument of Muse Dzhalilju to circus. With a welcoming speech to the gathered head coach Zinetula Biljaletdinov, captain Alexey Morozov and other players will be converted.

the Most active fans can take part in improvised a press - conferences with hockey players. And to receive answers to any questions. For owners of the annual subscription on all games « Ak the Leopard » - a bonus! Constant fans will pass in the VIP - zonupered a scene.

to Congratulate players to Kazan there will arrive also stars. To act on a celebration have invited group Modern Talking. However performance of eminent musicians has broken at the last minute. Instead of them to Kazan there will arrive at once two not less popular groups: Bad Boys Blue and Ricchi E Povery.

After that the command will celebrate a feast to Krk « the Pyramid » and on a scene will proceed « the Disco - 80 ».

Will finish celebratory evening salute. Volleys will be distributed on the area in ten evenings.

In the meantime

On a site from the Lenin dam to streets Levobulachnoj and Pravobulachnoj with 16. 30 to 23. 00   will block off traffic. Drivers should think over detours in advance. As the scheme of movement of public transport will change, read on our site.