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In Chelyabinsk have chosen the best kindergarten

Be I the little girl from street of Artist Rusakova in a court yard all ears would buzz about that my kindergarten N308 is a lock for princesses! Anybody, of course, would not believe, because at all gardens - grey sad boxes.

This garden changes a city landscape. Well where still is such - with four towers?
it brand new and spacious. However have noted it this year as « the Best kindergarten » on such indicator, as « speech development ».

- We declare every year different subjects, - experts of management of education have explained. - chose the best gardens on labour education, on etiquette. We consider also traditional indicators: as children develop, as feed and as often they are ill.
children in group « Butterflies » after sonchasa lower feet on the rugs, the made houses parents (there stones and buttons) and mass heels. Then in group « scratch » Stops about a rope path and sand. Go further to wash. Therefore here there are not enough sick-lists!

- In a corridor at us the sun hangs, - the expert Xenia Jurevna tells. - We have hung up it specially highly. Children jump, reach for it to get, - and so train a vertical extension.

In this garden everything that the child does, - it does with an ulterior motive, developing speech and abilities. Children from « the Oaklet » blow in a tubule, water in a glass bubbles. Think, overindulgence? And methodists have theoretically proved: so speech breath is formed!

In an office of the psychologist train respiratory gymnastics, inflating … a flour.

- My daughter is enamoured of this garden, - mum five years` Ksjushi Elena Novikova speaks. - I Result in its morning, and in group hangs « the Question of day ». For example: « Whom do you want to become? » or « For what you love the mum? » In the evening I take away, and on a locker - the answer of a daughter. Pleasantly! And she tells houses to me: « Mum, give we will make self-massage, as in a garden: present that you wash a head ». It is pleasant to me that it is possible to lead the child not eight mornings, and to ten, just by the second breakfast. It is convenient me.

All games which are spent in a garden, learn something of children
the Photo: Valery ZVONAREV

- Here mums and fathers are included in educational process, - make comments in education management. - together with children do « family newspapers » also make albums on subjects which have set in a garden. And they even have a site for dialogue of tutors with parents and with each other!

the Most important thing what to get to this garden it is possible simply so, without any payments, in a residence.