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Pincers have bitten more thousand Muscovites

In Moscow Region the number suffered from stings dangerous krovososov grows. By data for May, 18th, pincers have snatched already about thousand persons, 344 of which - children.

- the number of references with complaints to stings of pincers this year has increased in one and a half time, -   a deputy head of management of Rospotrebnadzora across Moscow Region Hope Rossoshansky speaks .

And the number of victims grows from year to year. Last year pincers in Moscow suburbs have bitten 15 thousand persons.   it twice more than in 2008. And in three and a half time more than in 2007.

the Reason - in area have practically ceased to process woods from pincers. The municipal organisations any more are not engaged in it. Spetsfirmy suggest private traders to unite, pay - and to reserve territory processing. But the people react to such offers inertly.

As global changes in a climate affect: the the summer is hotter, the it is more than insects. And this summer promise not simply hot. The most hot for last decades!

meanwhile, at two pincers caught in Moscow suburbs, it is found out kleshchevoj entsefalit. One has been enslaved under Dmitrovym, the second has got on border with the Tver region.

Approximately at every tenth tick it is found barrelioz. (According to the last year`s statistics, it is every fifth tick in Moscow Region). It is one more infection which should be treated operatively antibiotics. In total infections which transfer pincers, it will be typed from tens. But they come across where less often.

it is traditional   entsefalitnymi in area two areas - Dmitrovsky and Taldomsky are considered. However, disease cases kleshchevym entsefalitom at us in region was not already half a century.


Against pincers now insure

In other regions where pincers where svirepee, the insurance companies do on krovososah business. Suggest to be insured from a sting. If will snatch - promise to pay diagnostics (tick) completely. And if something happens - treatment (the suffered person).