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Ataksky « Nistru » with football players instead of money pays off the supported cars

Football club Nistru from Attacks in just come to the end championship of Moldova in the National division with a huge separation from the penultimate command has taken last, twelfth place. The club tests serious finanoye difficulties, but expects to remain in the higher battalion of the Moldavian football as there is no confidence that clubs of the Division And can pass licensing for participation in perventve the National division. The president Nistru Vasily Tragira uses the best efforts to save for the Moldavian football the club and
the command. Therefore, to pay off with debts under the salary with some players and to keep them in the command, to leading football players have been offered: cars, though and supported.

- And what here such? - A question on a question to the correspondent Vasily pantelejmonovich responds. - At us hardly with money, the factory costs, therefore I have suggested eight football players to take instead of money supported Volkswagens . Where I them took, has no value.

- Football players agree to take not money, and cars?

- Players are happy, those who wants take, but nobody refuses. Has reserved already the second party. All of us will endure difficulties and next year again we will return to Euro cups!