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In 2005 Russia will pay $7 - 10 billion on repayment of an external debt

In 2005 from stabilisation fund of Russia $7 - 10 billion on repayment of an external debt will be paid. The Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin has informed on it to participants of a seminar Prospects of the Russian economy in 2005 which has passed in Royal institute of the international relations in London. As he said, the stabilisation fund as of January, 1st, 2005 will make hardly there are less than $20 billion . The fund threshold makes 500 billion roubles, means over this sum will be directed including on debt repayment, and in 2005 is planned to pay to creditors from 7 to 10 billion dollars, Kudrin has told. In this connection, as the minister has joked, at a meeting laying ahead on Wednesday with the British colleague Gordon Brown Kudrin intends to tell to it that it has brought a few money Meaning payments on debts to member countries G8 including Great Britain. Since 2006 the stabilisation fund will be formed taking into account the reconsidered bottom threshold of the price for oil of stamp Urals in $21 (now of calculation of $20) for barrel. In this connection incomes will decrease a little, Kudrin has assumed. Besides it the minister has noticed that taking into account lessons of 2004 the rate of inflation for 2005 predicts the Ministry of Finance at level of 8,5 % that will be below an indicator for current year - 11,7 %. In 2004 the planned indicator of inflation has appeared below actual. This fact, according to Kudrin, financial department of Russia has conceived as a signal of that corresponding measures of the Central Bank have been accepted not absolutely in due time . By 2008, the minister has informed, the government plans to lower inflation to level 3 - 4 % that is necessary for developing economy and will contribute in increase prognoziruemosti economy as a whole. RIA News