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In Kaliningrad the court over committee of soldier`s mothers

In Kaliningrad on Tuesday has begun litigation against regional committee of soldier`s mothers has begun. The governor of the Kaliningrad region Vladimir Egors became the initiator of process. On it have informed in administration of the Kaliningrad region. In court of the Leningrad area of Kaliningrad civil case hearing under the claim about protection of honour, worthiness and business reputation of governor Vladimir Egorov to the chairman of Committee of soldier`s mothers of area of Maria Bontsler has begun. In the statement of claim the governor asks to recognise as false the data extended by Maria Bontsler in article, published in the beginning of 2004 in one of local newspapers. The publication told about the negative facts which recruits face on regional induction station of the Kaliningrad region. On the basis of this publication the All-Russia coalition of public organisations For democratic alternative civil service Has put forward Vladimir Egorov and recognised as the winner in a nomination the Gold sledge hammer which the Russian officials for the most rough infringement of the rights of recruits are awarded. and this with the fact that following the results of that invocatory company the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation has awarded the governor nominal hours. And it bears that serious censures to questions of the organisation of the invocatory company in region at experts were not - have explained in administration. NEWSru. com