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The Nobel winners will give lectures in the Russian province

Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences) will go in the near future to give lectures in leading provincial high schools of the country, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Kozlov has informed today at General meeting of academy and the Academic council of the Moscow State University. the leading scientific countries including the Nobel winners, will tell to students of regional high schools about advantages of scientific work and its prestigiousness - has told, in particular, Goats. According to the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, science and education integration should help to solve a problem of shots in a domestic science passes ITAR - TASS. cooperation of academy and the Russian high schools proceeds not the first year, already now in the academic scientific research institutes work about 350 stands of high schools as which study more than 15 thousand students he has noted. However it is obviously not enough of it, and in 2005 we expect to double, and even to treble quantity of stands - has underlined Goats. In its opinion, it is necessary to create joint uchebno - centres of science, and also to return to idea of the organisation of the academic association of universities and special value in this process has scale cooperation of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Moscow State University . From its part the rector of the Moscow State University Victor Sadovnichy has told that the Academy of Sciences closely co-operates with the Moscow State University from the very beginning of university formation having reminded that the first president of the Petersburg academy of Sciences Lavrenty Bljumentrost became the curator of the Moscow State University . The president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yury Osipov has noticed in turn that four Russian Nobel winners in physics - Igor Tamm, Ilya Frank, Vitaly Ginzburg, Alexey Abrikosov - graduates of the Moscow State University. Owners of the most prestigious in a science of the award Nikolay Semenov, Peter Kapitsa, Lev Landau and Alexander Prochorus were professors of leading high school. From the moment of education of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the present its members select 3 411 persons, among them 987 graduates and professors of the Moscow State University, Osipov has specified. NEWSru. com