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Inflow of migrants to Russia can brake process of demographic ageing

Inflow of migrants to Russia can brake process of demographic ageing, it is marked in published on Tuesday on a site of Ministry of economic development and trade the project of the intermediate term program of development of the Russian Federation. inflow of migrants to a certain measure can brake process of demographic ageing - it is told in report MERT. Without replacing migration even taking into account possible increase of level of birth rate population of Russia will be reduced by 2025 at least on 20 million persons, and in 2050 will make about 100 million persons, experts MERT mark. As a result of demographic ageing the share of persons aged is more senior 60 years will increase from 18 % in 2000 to 26 % in 2025, is told in the report. Change of quantitative parities between generations in favour of older persons will make strong impact on a labour market status, social security and public health services system, on economic development as a whole - ascertain in MERT. In these conditions of Russia the correct migratory policy is necessary, it is marked in the program. MERT supports simplification of procedures of attraction and use of foreign labour and refusal of a quota system on delivery to foreign citizens of invitations to entrance to the Russian Federation for realisation of labour activity. It is necessary to develop target state and regional programs on constant immigration and moving of immigrants, and also the legislation on the immigration, defining rules of resettlements and integration of immigrants into the Russian society. At the same time in MERT mark necessity of working out of effectual measures on suppression of illegal migration. The basic migratory resource for Russia in intermediate term prospect there are CIS countries, mark in MERT. RIA News